How to Fix Google Docs Can’t Remove From View

867344 How to Fix Google Docs Can’t Remove From View

Google Docs is an incredibly useful tool for creating, editing, and collaborating on documents. However, sometimes you may encounter issues when trying to remove documents from your view in Google Docs. Here are some troubleshooting tips for fixing the “can’t remove from view” problem.

Understand Why It Happens

There are a few potential reasons why you may not be able to remove a document from your view in Google Docs:

  • You don’t own the document – If a document was shared with you by someone else, you can view it but won’t have permission to delete it. Only the owner can fully remove a document.
  • It’s still in your trash – Even after you delete a document you own, it gets moved to your trash first. You need to empty your trash to fully remove it.
  • Browser cache – Your browser may have cached an old version of the document that keeps reappearing.

Try Deleting It As The Owner

If you own the document, double check that you are deleting it properly:

  • Open the document and click the “Remove” option in the top right menu.
  • Confirm you want to remove it when prompted.
  • Also empty your trash folder in Google Drive to fully erase the document.

If it still comes back, you likely don’t own that copy of the document.

Remove Yourself As A Viewer

For shared documents:

  • Open the document and click the “Share” button in the top right.
  • Remove your own viewing permissions.
  • This will remove it from your “Shared with me” view.

Clear Your Browser Cache

Old cached versions of the document could cause it to reappear.

  • Clear your browser history and cache completely.
  • Also try opening Google Docs in an incognito/private browsing window.

Try Other Browsers or Devices

See if the issue only happens in one browser or device.

  • Open Google Docs in another browser or device when logged into your account.
  • Check if the document still appears there.

If it goes away in another browser, the issue was isolated to your browser. Clear cache/data for your original browser to fix it.

Turn Off Browser Extensions

Some Chrome/Firefox extensions can cause issues with removing files.

  • Temporarily disable all extensions and test if you can now remove the file.
  • If that works, turn extensions back on one-by-one to identify the problematic one.

Double Check Your View

Google Docs lets you view documents in different ways.

  • Click the “View” menu and toggle between grid view and list view.
  • List view does not group documents into folders.
  • Toggle views to check if the document disappears.

Contact The Owner

If you still see a shared document you don’t have ownership of:

  • Contact the owner directly and request they revoke your viewing access.
  • Provide specific details like the document name and sharing date.

Reset Google Docs

As a last resort with documents you own:

  • Make a copy of all your important documents first!
  • Delete your Google Docs storage completely.
  • Add it back and reupload any documents.

This should wipe out any corrupted documents for good.

Prevent It In The Future

To avoid issues removing documents in the future:

  • Make sure you have editor access before deleting.
  • Always empty your trash right after you delete something.
  • Note what device or browser you use to delete files.
  • Check that the file is gone on all devices/browsers you use.

Following these tips should help you troubleshoot and resolve the stubborn “can’t remove from view” error in Google Docs. Let the owner know if it’s a shared document you don’t have full access to. For documents you own, clearing your browser data, toggling views, or resetting Google Docs usually does the trick.

More Tips For Using Google Docs

While you hopefully won’t see the “can’t remove from view” error often, here are some other useful Google Docs tips:

Access Documents Offline

  • Install the Google Docs Offline Chrome extension.
  • Or enable offline access in Docs’ settings.
  • Edit your documents without an internet connection.

Recover Old Versions

  • Every edit on a document is saved in Docs’ history.
  • Click “Version history” to view or restore old versions.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Keyboard shortcuts boost productivity.
  • Memorize shortcuts like Ctrl/Cmd + B for bold text.
  • Create your own shortcuts in Docs’ settings.

Convert Microsoft Office Files

  • Upload Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files to Drive.
  • Docs will convert them to editable Google formats.

Share With Commenters Only

  • When collaborating, click the share button.
  • Under permission settings, check “commenters only”.
  • This lets others suggest edits but not alter your original text.

Make A Document Template

  • Create a blank document with styles, fonts, boilerplate text, etc.
  • Click “File” then “Save as template” to reuse it.
  • Use templates to quickly start new documents.

So those are some tips for fixing and preventing the “can’t remove from view” problem in Google Docs, plus some other handy features to use in your documents. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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