How to Delete a Header from Google Docs

331589 How to Delete a Header from Google Docs

Google Docs allows you to easily add headers and footers to your documents to include page numbers, titles, author names, or other information. However, you may want to remove these headers and footers at some point.

Fortunately, Google Docs makes it simple to delete headers and footers from your documents, whether you’re using the web browser editor or the mobile app.

Delete Header in Google Docs Web Browser

Follow these steps to remove a header in the Google Docs web browser:

  1. Double click inside the header to open the header toolbar
  2. Click the Options dropdown menu
  3. Select Remove header Format > Headers & footers > Remove header
  4. The header will be removed from all pages in your document

If your document has different headers and footers for odd/even pages or the first page, repeat this process to remove each one individually.

Delete Header in Google Docs Mobile App

Deleting a header in the Google Docs mobile app requires manually deleting the header text:

  1. Tap the More icon (3 dots)
  2. Toggle on Print layout to view headers and footers
  3. Tap inside the header and select the text
  4. Delete the text
  5. Toggle off Print layout

The header text will be removed. Repeat for any other headers in your document.

Why Can’t I Delete Headers and Footers?

Some Google Docs users have reported issues deleting headers and footers, even when setting the header margin to 0.

Potential reasons you may be unable to delete headers and footers:

  • Print layout not enabled – The mobile app requires you to turn on Print layout to access headers and footers
  • Locked file – If your file is locked or shared as view-only, you won’t be able to edit headers/footers
  • Corrupted file – A corrupted Google Doc could prevent modifying headers and footers
  • Google Docs glitch – Some users have reported general Google Docs errors not allowing header deletion

Try the steps above first. If you still can’t remove headers or footers, try making a copy of the file and deleting the header in the copied version.

Add a Header in Google Docs

To add a header after you’ve removed one:

Web browser:

  • Insert > Headers & footers > Header

Mobile app:

  • Tap More > Print layout
  • Tap header area and enter text
  • Toggle off Print layout

Customize your rebuilt header by double clicking it to open the toolbar.


While adding polished headers and footers takes your documents to the next level, sometimes you need to delete them as your needs change.

Luckily, removing headers and footers in Google Docs is straightforward once you know the steps for the web and mobile platforms.

If you have trouble deleting headers, enable Print layout, check file permissions, or try making a copy. Rebuilding a header is simple when you need to add one back.

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