How to Add Page Break in Google Docs

670892 How to Add Page Break in Google Docs

Adding page breaks in Google Docs allows you to control where pages start and end in your document. This is useful for improving readability, printing, exporting to PDF, and more.

When to Use Page Breaks

Here are some common reasons to add page breaks in Google Docs:

  • Start new chapters or sections on a fresh page
  • Prevent headings, images, tables etc. from being split across pages
  • Customize page layouts for printing or exporting to PDF
  • Improve overall readability by breaking up long sections of text

How to Insert a Page Break

Inserting a page break in Google Docs is simple:

Using the Insert Menu

  1. Place cursor where you want the page break
  2. Click Insert > Break > Page Break
  3. Text after the page break moves to new page

With Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl + Enter (Windows)
  • Command + Enter (Mac)

Removing Page Breaks

To remove a page break:

  1. Place cursor before the page break
  2. Press Backspace (Windows) or Delete (Mac)
  3. Text moves back up to previous page

Section Breaks vs Page Breaks

Google Docs has two types of breaks:

  • Page Breaks: Start content on completely new page
  • Section Breaks: Start new section on same page

Section breaks allow you to divide a page into columns or change formatting.

Customizing Page Layout

Additional page layout options:

  • Adjust margins for specific sections
  • Change page orientation (portrait/landscape)
  • Add different headers/footers

Click File > Page Setup to access layout options.

Best Practices

Follow these guidelines when adding page breaks:

  • Insert page break before an element to keep it at top of new page
  • Avoid splitting images, tables, headings across pages
  • Start new chapters or major sections on fresh pages
  • Use page layout tools to polish documents before printing/exporting


Issues to watch out for:

  • Accidental page breaks from pressing Enter
  • Sections breaks set to “Continuous” instead of “New Page”
  • Headers/footers not appearing properly after page breaks
  • Changes not visible in Print Layout view

Check page break settings if layout issues occur.


Adding page breaks provides more control over document structure in Google Docs. Mastering this improves readability for both on-screen and printed formats.

Use page breaks appropriately when organizing and polishing documents to maintain a professional look.

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