How to Add or Delete Google Docs Page Break

90281 How to Add or Delete Google Docs Page Break

Page breaks in Google Docs allow you to control where one page ends and the next one begins. This helps ensure your content flows smoothly without awkward breaks or fragmented text.

Understanding Page Breaks

There are two main types of page breaks in Google Docs:

  • Automatic page breaks – Inserted automatically based on factors like page size, margins, and font size to optimize content flow.
  • Manual page breaks – Allow you to manually insert a page break wherever needed, ensuring content starts on a new page at that exact point.

Page breaks only work for documents in pages view instead of pageless view. To enable pages view, go to File > Page setup and deselect the Pageless option if enabled.

Adding a Manual Page Break

To add a manual page break:

  • Step 1: Position cursor where you want the page break
  • Step 2: Click Insert > Break > Page break
  • Step 3: Page break is inserted and content after break moves to new page

Alternatively, you can add a page break before a specific paragraph by:

  • Selecting the paragraph
  • Clicking Format > Line & Paragraph Spacing > Add Page Break Before

Removing Page Breaks

To remove a page break:

  • Click directly before or after the break
  • Press Backspace or Delete key until break is removed


  • You may need to press Backspace or Delete multiple times to remove additional spacing
  • View Print Layout to clearly see page break locations

Refining Page Breaks

Further refine page breaks using these techniques:

  • Adjust page size and margins in File > Page setup to optimize layout
  • Link page breaks with headings using page break before heading option
  • Add page numbers and footers that update across page breaks
  • View print layout to clearly see page break effects

Collaborative Page Breaks

When collaborating on Google Docs:

  • Communicate planned page break locations
  • View version history to track page break changes
  • Use suggestions mode for page break feedback

Establishing team page break conventions improves multi-editor consistency.

Page Break Considerations

Additional page break factors to consider:

  • Mobile and web views may show continuous scrolling, not distinct page breaks
  • Converting Google Docs to Word or PDF may affect page break rendering
  • Insert page breaks judiciously, as too many can fragment content flow

With the ability to manually define page splits, page breaks allow granular control over Google Docs content layout. Carefully utilizing them creates professional, polished documents optimized for both desktop and mobile reading experiences.