How to Add Emoji in Google Docs

532094 How to Add Emoji in Google Docs

Adding emoji in Google Docs allows you to enhance your documents and make them more visually engaging. Emoji can help communicate tone and emotion that is sometimes lost in written text. Fortunately, adding emoji in Google Docs is simple, with several methods to choose from.

Ways to Add Emoji

There are a few different ways to add emoji when editing Google Docs:

Insert Menu

The easiest way to add emoji is by using the Insert > Emoji menu option:

  1. Open your Google Doc
  2. Place your cursor where you want the emoji to appear
  3. Select Insert > Emoji from the top menu
  4. Search or browse for your desired emoji
  5. Select the emoji to add it to your document

Special Characters Tool

You can also add emoji through the Insert > Special Characters tool:

  1. Open your Google Doc and place your cursor
  2. Click on Insert > Special Characters
  3. Switch to the emoji tab, or draw your emoji to search
  4. Select an emoji to add it to your text

Auto-Suggest Emoji

When typing in Google Docs, you may see emoji auto-suggested based on your text. Simply press Enter when you see the emoji you want to accept it.

Copy and Paste

Find emoji from another source, like your phone’s keyboard, and copy & paste it directly into your Google Doc.

Tips for Using Emoji

When adding emoji to your Google Docs, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use emoji purposefully – Don’t overdo it. Sprinkle them in to enhance your document.
  • Keep emoji size consistent – If you adjust the size, make sure it fits with surrounding text.
  • Use emoji to clarify tone – Insert emoji to indicate tone that may be unclear in written communication.
  • Be mindful of overuse – Using too many emoji can look unprofessional or make text hard to read.
  • Consider your audience – The emoji that resonate differ by audience, culture, and context.

Adding Emoji Reactions

In addition to adding emoji directly to your document text, you can also add emoji reactions in Google Docs. Reactions allow you to quickly respond to specific content with an emoji icon that appears in the margin.

To add an emoji reaction:

  1. Highlight the relevant text
  2. Click on the Add reaction icon that appears
  3. Select an emoji reaction to associate with that text

Reactions don’t show up when printing – they are solely to allow quick emoji feedback as you collaborate on edits in real-time.

Using Emoji for Collaboration

Emoji serve great collaborative purposes in Google Docs, especially for remote teams. Ways emoji can enhance collaboration:

  • Quick communication – Reactions facilitate efficient, emoticon-based discussions
  • Indicate tone – Convey tone of constructive feedback on edits or suggestions
  • Clarify intent – Show approval, disapproval, emphasis, or other intents
  • Draw attention – Flag important passages or changes with an emoji reaction

Tips for Collaborating with Emoji

Keep these tips in mind when using emoji reactions for collaborating in Google Docs:

  • Add a key – Include a reaction key to explain intended meaning
  • Limit emoji types – Using fewer emoji types avoids confusion
  • Be consistent – Using reactions in the same way throughout avoids misinterpretation
  • Follow up – Add text comments to conversations started by emoji reactions

Troubleshooting Emoji Issues

If you are having issues adding or seeing emoji in Google Docs, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check device/browser – Emoji support varies across operating systems and browsers
  • Verify keyboard – Make sure you have an emoji keyboard enabled and toggled on
  • Refresh page – Refreshing may load emoji that didn’t display initially
  • Simpler emoji – Older systems may not support newer, more complex emoji

More Tips for Using Emoji

  • Use emoji to highlight key points or topics
  • Break up long sections of text with relevant emoji
  • Make sure emoji match the surrounding text size and style
  • Add emoji alongside document headings when relevant
  • Insert emoji next to document properties when applicable (title, labels, etc)
  • Use emoji strategically in your table of contents to indicate section tone/content


Adding emoji in Google Docs is a simple process that can make your documents more engaging. Use the insert menu, special characters tool, copy/paste, or emoji reactions to enhance your Docs. Strategically insert emoji to clarify tone, aid collaboration, and draw attention to key points. With so many collaboration benefits, be sure to take advantage of emoji reactions to have more effective Docs discussions.