How to Add Code to Google Docs Using Code Blocks

627474 How to Add Code to Google Docs Using Code Blocks

Adding code blocks to Google Docs can enhance documents and improve collaboration for programmers and developers. Code blocks allow you to neatly format code snippets, making them easier to read and share.

Benefits of Code Blocks in Google Docs

Integrating code blocks into Google Docs provides several key benefits:

Improved Readability

Code blocks display code snippets with proper spacing, indentation, and syntax highlighting. This makes code much easier to read compared to unformatted text. The color coding also allows you to quickly differentiate various code elements like variables, functions, etc.

Better Collaboration

Code blocks enable seamless sharing of code snippets with team members and stakeholders. Everyone can access the latest code right within the Google Doc, facilitating efficient collaboration.

Enhanced Organization

Code blocks let you compartmentalize code snippets instead of having one long stream. This modular structure helps organize code logically. You can also add headings and text descriptions for context.

Simple Sharing

With Google Docs built-in sharing options, you can grant view or edit access to code blocks for selected users. This simplifies sharing code securely across teams.

How to Add Code Blocks in Google Docs

There are two main options to add code blocks – using the built-in insert option or the Code Blocks add-on.

Option 1: Built-in Code Block Insert

The built-in code block feature is available for selected Google Workspace users:

  • Business Standard and Plus
  • Enterprise Standard and Plus
  • Education Standard and Plus
  • Nonprofits


  1. Open the Google Doc and place cursor where you want to insert code.
  2. Go to Insert > Building Blocks > Code Block.
  3. Select programming language:
    • C/C++
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • Python
  4. Insert code inside the formatted block.

This creates a formatted code block with syntax highlighting.

Option 2: Code Blocks Add-on

To use the Code Blocks add-on:


  1. Open Google Docs and go to Add-ons > Get add-ons.
  2. Search for Code Blocks and install the add-on.
  3. Highlight code and go to Extensions > Code Blocks > Start.
  4. Choose programming language and theme.
  5. Click Format to apply formatting.

This add-on provides additional styling options compared to the built-in feature.

Formatting Code Blocks

To optimize code block visibility, use these formatting tips:

  • Increase font size of code text
  • Reduce paragraph spacing before and after code blocks
  • Add borders on all sides
  • Experiment with light or dark background colors
  • Use wide margins to prevent overflow

Proper formatting ensures your code blocks are highly visible and easy to reference.

Best Practices for Using Code Blocks

Follow these best practices when working with code blocks:

  • Modularize large code files into multiple blocks
  • Add descriptive headings before code blocks
  • Include concise text explanation before or after code to provide context
  • Use consistent programming language and code style across blocks
  • Avoid complex code snippets; simplify code for clarity
  • Show only relevant sections of code instead of whole files
  • Grant file access to users that need to view code


Adding and formatting code blocks properly is critical for improving readability, collaboration, and overall utility of code content in Google Docs. Both the built-in and add-on options allow you to neatly integrate code segments into documents. Applying the best practices outlined above will further optimize your use of code blocks within Google Docs.

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