How to Split Table in Google Docs

439682 How to Split Table in Google Docs

Splitting a table in Google Docs allows you to divide a large table into two or more smaller, more manageable tables. This can help organize your data better, allow text to wrap properly, or add a page break.

When to Split a Table

Here are some common reasons you may want to split a table in Google Docs:

  • The table is too wide: Splitting it will allow text to wrap properly instead of getting cut off.
  • You want to organize data into sections: Breaking one big table into smaller ones based on categories can help segment your data.
  • You need to add a page break: Large tables may span multiple pages. Splitting lets you control where the page break falls.
  • To merge data from other tables: You can split a table then merge cells from other tables into it to combine data.

How to Split a Table in Google Docs

Splitting a table in Google Docs is easy once you know the steps. Here is the process:

1. Highlight the Rows to Split Off

Click and drag your mouse over the rows you want to split into a new, separate table. These will typically be the bottom rows. Highlighting selects all cells so they move together.

Highlight rows in table to split

2. Drag the Rows Out of the Table

Point your mouse over the left-most column of the highlighted rows. When the cursor changes to a hand icon, drag those rows down out of the table.

3. A New Table is Created

Releasing the dragged rows will create a new table below the original one containing those selected rows.

Drag rows out to split table in Google Docs

4. Delete Blank Rows

Delete any blank rows left behind in the first table by right-clicking them and selecting “Delete row”.

And that’s it! You’ve now split one table into two smaller tables in Google Docs.

Other Ways to Split a Table

In addition to dragging rows, there are a couple other methods you can use to split a table:

  • Cut and paste rows – Highlight rows, cut them, place cursor where you want new table, and paste.
  • Merge tables – Cut rows from one table and paste them into another to combine data.

Tips for Working with Tables

Here are some other handy tips for working with tables in Google Docs:

  • Use page breaks or tables to divide a document in half or quadrants.
  • Adjust row heights, column widths, cell padding, borders, and font sizes to condense tables.
  • Remove unnecessary rows/columns and merge cells to save space.
  • Sort your table data by columns to organize information.
  • Freeze header rows so they repeat at the top of each page.
  • Customize with alternating row colors, bold headers, and table styles.

So in summary, splitting a table in Google Docs is easy – simply drag rows out. Let me know if you have any other questions!