How To Put an Image Behind Text Microsoft Word

33228 How To Put an Image Behind Text Microsoft Word

Adding a background image to your Microsoft Word document can make it more visually appealing. However, the default options often crop the image to fit the page size.

Fortunately, with a few simple steps, you can insert any image as a customizable, non-cropped background in Word.

Why Add Background Images in Word?

Using background images allows you to:

  • Make documents more visually interesting
  • Reinforce branding with logos or textures
  • Add decorative elements like abstract shapes
  • Visually differentiate sections or pages
  • Make templates more distinctive

Background images can make even simple documents appear more polished and professional.

Challenges With the Default Background Options

Word provides built-in options to add background images. However, these options automatically crop or tile the image to fit the document size.

The image may end up:

  • Cropped so that only a portion shows
  • Squished if the aspect ratio doesn’t match
  • Tiled so the same image repeats
  • Pixelated when enlarged

You lose control over the image positioning and appearance.

How To Add an Image Without Cropping

With a few easy steps, you can insert any image and adjust it manually for a custom background:

Insert the Image

First, insert the picture you want to use:

  1. In Word, go to Insert > Pictures
  2. Select the image from your computer

Send the Image Behind Text

Next, position the image behind the text:

  1. With the picture selected, go to Format > Wrap Text > Behind Text
  2. This sends the image behind the document content

Resize Without Cropping

Then, resize the image slightly larger than the document size:

  1. Go to Format > Size
  2. Set height and width larger than page area
    • For A4, set to 8.5 x 11.5 inches
  3. Now manually drag image corners to fit

Making the image larger first prevents unwanted cropping as you adjust it to the edges.

Position and Adjust

Finally, position and scale the image as desired:

  • Drag the image to reposition it
  • Use corner handles to fine-tune size/placement
  • Adjust transparency if needed

After following these steps, your image displays as an adjustable, non-cropped background.

Customizing the Image Appearance

With the image inserted, you have full control to customize its appearance:

  • Reposition for precise placement
  • Resize without cropping the image
  • Adjust transparency as needed
  • Reset if you make a mistake

The image also stays behind text, so you can continue typing normally over the background.

Using Different Images in Word Documents

You can set different background images for each section in longer Word documents:

  • Use page breaks to divide sections
  • Follow steps to insert an image for each part
  • Tailor images to section topics or themes

Sections allow a visually engaging, mixed-media collage effect.

Troubleshooting Issues

Image jumps forward: Position image behind text

Text disappears: Make sure image is behind content

Flickering: Disable hardware graphics acceleration


Adding non-cropped background images in Word is easy with a few simple steps to insert, position, and adjust custom images.

The ability to manually control image placement and appearance makes backgrounds far more usable. Text stays readable, and images remain intact.

So go ahead and liven up your next Word document with vibrant, decorative background images!

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