How to Delete Custom Colors in Google Docs

213592 How to Delete Custom Colors in Google Docs

Have you ever added custom colors to your Google Docs document, only to later decide you no longer need or want them? Unfortunately, Google Docs does not provide a direct way to delete these custom colors from your palette. However, with a few simple steps, you can remove unwanted custom colors from Google Docs.

Why Remove Custom Colors?

Here are some reasons you may want to delete custom colors:

  • Cluttered palette – The more custom colors you add, the more cluttered your color palette becomes. Removing unused colors helps keep things clean and organized.
  • Change document style – You might have initially added some custom colors that no longer fit the look and feel you want for your document. Deleting them allows you to start fresh.
  • Share documents – Other collaborators won’t be able to see your custom color palette. Removing custom colors eliminates confusion when sharing docs with others.

How to Delete Custom Colors in Google Docs

Unfortunately, Google Docs does not offer a direct way to remove individual custom colors. However, you can effectively delete custom colors by following these steps:

Step 1: Replace Custom Colors

Go through your document and replace all uses of the custom color you want to delete with a default color palette color:

  • Highlight text in the custom color and select a new color from the palette
  • Similarly, change the color of any shapes or table cells that use the custom color

Repeat this for every instance of the custom color you wish to remove.

Step 2: Copy Document Contents

Once you’ve replaced all uses of the custom color you want to delete, copy all the contents of your document:

  • On Windows/ChromeOS: Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C
  • On Mac: Command+A then Command+C

This copies everything in your document to the clipboard.

Step 3: Paste Contents into New Document

Next, create a new Google Docs document and paste the contents you copied from your original document:

  • On Windows/ChromeOS: Ctrl+V
  • On Mac: Command+V

The new document will contain all the content from your original, but without the custom colors!

Alternative Methods

If replacing all custom color instances proves tedious, there are a couple alternative approaches you can try:

  • Make a copy – Rather than replacing custom colors, make an exact duplicate of your Google Doc. Since the copy will not retain custom colors, you essentially get a fresh version without them.
  • Export as Word doc – You can export your Google Doc as a Word document, then import back into Google Docs. This will strip out any custom formatting, including custom colors.

Just be aware that both these methods will remove all custom formatting, not just colors.

Tips for Managing Custom Colors

To avoid building up too many custom colors, here are some useful tips:

  • Name colors – Give your custom colors descriptive names to keep things organized
  • Limit palette – Try to limit yourself to 10 or fewer custom colors
  • Delete after use – Remove custom colors that were only needed temporarily for one document section

Taking the time to actively manage your custom color palette will prevent it from becoming overly cluttered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about removing custom colors in Google Docs:

Can I delete individual custom colors?

Unfortunately, no. Google Docs does not give you the option to selectively delete individual custom colors. You have to use the indirect methods mentioned in this article.

What about custom highlight colors?

The steps above apply equally to removing custom text highlight colors. Just replace all highlights in that color with the “No color” option.

Will my color palette reset if I delete my cookies/cache?

Possibly! Some users have reported losing custom colors after clearing their browser data. But results seem mixed, so this is not a guaranteed solution.

Key Takeaways

  • Google Docs has no direct method for deleting custom colors
  • Replace all instances of a custom color with a default color, then copy/paste doc contents into new doc
  • Alternatively, make an exact duplicate or export as Word then re-import to strip custom colors
  • Take time to actively organize and manage your color palette

Following these steps will help you take control of custom colors and keep your Google Docs formatting clean and consistent!